Rechargema Happy Hour

Now enjoy Happy Hours with recharge of every Rs. 100 or more.
Recharge Rs. 100 or more get a discounted call rate of 99 paisa/minute (Rs. 1.26/minute with government taxes) to any Ncell numbers from 8 am to 3 pm every day.
The validity of Happy Hours will depend on the amount you recharge. Details are mentioned below:
Recharge amount Happy Hours validity
Rs. 50 Not applicable
Rs. 100 7 days
Rs. 200 14 days
Rs. 300 21 days
Rs. 500 30 days
Rs. 1000 60 days

Do I need to activate to avail this service?
Yes, you need to dial *17106# or type A and send it to 17106 for free to be eligible to use this service. Once you activate the service, recharge your account and get the Happy Hours rate.

How will I be charged after 3pm and before 8am?
Call rate as per standard tariff will apply during 3pm to 8am.

What is the validity of Happy Hours?
The discounted call rate will be valid as per the amount you recharge. For example, if you recharge Rs. 100, you will get the discounted rate from 8am to 3pm every day for 7 days. Higher the recharge amount, longer the validity.
What will happen if I recharge Rs. 100 twice?
Your Happy Hours product will be 7 days from your last recharge of Rs. 100.
What will happen to the validity period if I recharge Rs. 200 and again recharge Rs. 100?
In that case, the one with highest validity will remain unchanged. Recharge of Rs 100 will have no impact in validity of Happy Hours.
What will happen to the validity period if I recharge Rs. 100 first and then Rs. 200?
In that case, Happy Hours validity will be considered as per the higher recharge amount. In this case your validity will be 14 days from the day of recharging Rs. 200.
How do I deactivate this offer?
You need to type D and send SMS to 17106 to deactivate the offer.

How long will this offer be valid for?
This offer is valid from February 27, 2020 till May 26,2020.

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