Recharge Offer

Get free data with every recharge this Dashain!
Recharge Free Data Validity of data pack 
Rs. 100 100MB 1 day
Rs. 200 200MB 2 days
Rs. 300 300MB 3 days
Rs. 500 500MB 5 days
Rs. 1000 1GB 10 days
Frequently Asked Questions
Will I get data pack on every recharge?
Yes, on every recharge of Rs. 100 or more, you will receive free data.
Is there any limitation on daily number of recharge to get the data pack?
There is no limitations. You will receive data pack on every recharge of Rs. 100 or more.
Can I recharge Rs. 50 twice and still get free data pack of Rs. 100?
No, you have to recharge Rs. 100 or more at once to receive free data.
Will my data pack accumulate if I recharge with a different denomination recharge before the expiry of the earlier data pack?
Your data packs will be accumulated with the new validity date only if you recharge with the same denomination.
E.g., if you recharge with Rs. 200, you will receive 200MB data valid for 2 days. Again, if you recharge Rs. 200 within 2 days, then your new 200MB will be added to remaining data of earlier 200MB and validity of accumulated data will be 2 days again.
However, if you recharge Rs. 200 and get 200MB valid for 2 days and within that 2 days, you recharge again with Rs. 300, you will receive 300MB data with 3 days validity but the earlier pack of 200MB will expire as per the earlier validity period.
Is there any time limitation in a day to use the data pack?
No, there is no time limitation in a day. Received data can be used any time of the day within the validity period.
How do I check the remaining data and the validity duration?
You can check details of data pack by dialing *101#.
If I recharge Rs. 150 from VFT or online channel, will I be eligible to get the offer?
Yes, if you do recharge of more than Rs. 100 from VFT or online channel, you will get allocated volume of data as per recharge amount.

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