There is so much more in each of us. In life, we play many roles and don many hats. It is this diversity that creates our identity and adds value to who we are. Ncell knows this and that’s why we’re stepping things up with our various offerings to give you more.

Non-stop YouTube+

  • In this offer, you will get Non-stop YouTube on 4G network and additional 4G all time date for a week at just Rs. 100 (Rs. 127.69 with tax).
  • Dial *17123*1# to buy
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New Sajilo SIM+

New Customers are always thrilled to get their first phone and SIM card. And Ncell is adding to this happiness with exiting New Sajilo SIM. Sajilo SIM is the all new SIM pack for our new subscribers.

SIM Pack Details:
SIM Price: Rs. 99
Included Resources in SIM:
  • Main Balance: Rs. 20
  • Data: 200 MB, valid for 7 days
  • Voice: 20 Minutes on-net, valid for 7 days
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Your internet experience doesn’t have to be an inconvenient one, entangled in messy wires and disappointing customer service. Ncell brings you one of the smoothest Wi-Fi experiences without the hassles of wires and backed by the best possible customer service. Introduced for the first time in Nepal the amazing Wirefree+ bundles a lot more, besides smooth and uninterrupted internet, to enhance your everyday Wi-Fi experience.

Dial 9008 for more information
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Ultra Wi-Fi SIM+

Ultra Wi-Fi SIM+ is the service of Ncell which can be used as a home or office Wi-Fi. Ultra Wi-Fi SIM+ will be locked with the nearest Ncell tower and can be moved around in the range served by that particular tower.
  • How long will it take to set up service with Ncell?
Ncell Ultra Wi-Fi SIM+ Service is Plug and Play so connects instantly once the SIM card is inserted into Handset. The only caution here is to insert the SIM in the location where the customer wants Internet connection. Because as soon as SIM is inserted, it will be latched with the nearby 4G sites and will be fixed for that location under that 4G site.

  • How much will it cost and what will i get in this service?
Monthly Price (30 days) Rs. 651.22 (incl. taxes)
Quarterly Price (90 days) Rs. 1953.66 (incl. taxes)
Half Yearly Price (210 days) Rs. 3907.31 (incl. taxes)
Yearly Plan (420 days) Rs. 7814.63 (incl. taxes)
Wi-Fi SIM+ Monthly Data 40 GB 
Voice Monthly (Minutes) (Ncell to Ncell) 50 x 2 SIMs 
Mobile Data Monthly (GB)-2 SIM bundle with data provision 5 GB X 2 SIMs
Prabhu TV Included
Mobiplex Optional
Hungama Music Optional
Daami Music Included
  • Above per month price is for yearly subscribers.
  • Digital services only available on the bundled SIMs.
  • Available 5 GB data on any network and 5 GB data on 4G network.
  • Resources of the pack will recur every 30 days.
  • Resources will not accumulate and will expire after every 30 days.
For any queries please call Ncell customer care.
For Ncell: 9008 For Others :+9779809008000
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