Now enjoy PRBT at more affordable Daily and Weekly packs

What is PRBT Service?
Personal Ring Back Tone (PRBT) service enables you to let your caller listen to your chosen tune when they call you. You can choose popular songs from a wide list ranging from international chartbusters to our local hits and also send it as a gift to anyone.
How to activate PRBT Service?
Dial 17117 and follow the instructions to choose your favorite tone.
Type PRBT <Tone Code> and send to 17117
Dial *17117#
How much will I be charged to enjoy the service?
The following rates are applicable for PRBT service and tunes:

  Product type Rate including taxes (Rs.)
  Weekly 5
  Weekly 5

What is the difference between PRBT service and PRBT tune?
PRBT service refers to the mechanism that must be activated to enjoy the PRBT. PRBT tune refers to the actual song or the tune that your callers listen. You will be charged separately for activating each.
How long is the service duration of PRBT?
The PRBT service is available in various daily and weekly packs.
What types of PRBT are currently available?
Currently, several categories of PRBT tunes are available, including Nepali pop, contemporary, folk, etc. You can preview available PRBT by using the *17117#.
How to delete/unsubscribe PRBT Service?
Dial 17117 and follow the given instruction. 
Type R and send to 17117.


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