Introducing all time lowest main balance internet (PayG) rate!

Now use your data carefreely with peace of mind anytime, anywhere. Get rate as low as 40 paisa/MB even while using directly from main balance even without data pack (Pay As You Go - PAYG).
As you start using your internet from main balance, your main balance internet rate starts going down up to 40 paisa/MB. These will be given based on your spend behavior in weekly cycle.

Weekly PayG spend (Rs.) Price per MB (excl. taxes) Govt. Taxes Total Price
(Incl. taxes)
0 to 20 Rs. 2 Rs. 0.55 Rs. 2.55
20 to 40 Rs. 1 Rs. 0.28 Rs. 1.28
40 and above Rs. 0.40 Rs. 0.11 Rs. 0.51

In a weekly cycle, when your spending is between 0 to Rs. 20 on the main balance internet your rate will be Rs. 2/MB (excl. taxes). Similarly, if your spend is between Rs. 20 to Rs. 40 your rate will be Rs. 1/MB (excl. taxes) followed by all time lowest 40 paisa/MB (excl. taxes) if your spend is above Rs. 40. The spend is accumulated on weekly basis starting from Sunday till Saturday.

Enjoy non-stop data from Ncell!

If you want to use data in even lower rates, buy data packs by dialing *17123#.

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