Mero Plan

Mero Plan is available under weekly and monthly cycles. After you subscribe the plan, it will renew on weekly or monthly cycles as per your choice. The features of Mero Plan are mentioned below:
  • PayG block Feature
  • Discounted call & SMS rates
  • Heavy data bundles

Mero Plan Weekly

Weekly Mero Plan offers data packs, discounts on voice, and a service that deactivates data once the pack is over preventing deduction from the main balance.
Price excl. Taxes(Rs.) Price incl. Taxes (Rs.) Data YouTube
Free Data
Call Rates Within Ncell(excl. taxes) Call Rates Within Ncell(incl. taxes)  
75/week 95.77/week 2GB - Re. 1/min Rs. 1.28/min Buy Now
100/week 127.69/week 4GB Non-stop for 7 days Re. 1/min Rs. 1.28/min Buy Now
All packs are valid for 7 days.

Mero Plan Monthly

Monthly plan with data pack of your need, free YouTube data and lower call rates. What’s more? The data service will stop once the data in your pack is over so you don’t use up your main balance.
Dial *302# or *17123# to choose the plan that suits you the best.
Price excl.
Taxes (Rs.)
Price incl.
Taxes (Rs.)
Data YouTube
Free Data
Total Data Call Rates Within Ncell(excl. taxes) Call Rates Within Ncell(incl. taxes)
199/month 254.1/month 1GB 1GB 2GB Re. 1/min Rs. 1.28/min
299/month 381.79/month 3GB 3GB 6GB Rs. 0.90/min Rs.1.15/min

Price excl.
Taxes (Rs.)

Price incl.
Taxes (Rs.)


YouTube & Facebook 

Total Data

Call Rates Within Ncell(excl. taxes)

Call Rates Within Ncell(incl. taxes)

499/month 637.17/month 10GB 30GB (1GB/day) 40GB Rs. 0.80/min Rs. 1.02/min






Rs. 0.70/min

Rs. 0.89/min






Rs. 0.50/min


All packs are valid for 30 days. Messenger voice and video calls are not included in this plan.

What if I consume the data before plan validity and want to purchase another pack until my next plan cycle?

Data packs valid for 7 days exclusive to each plan are available at best rates as mentioned below:
  • 1GB at Rs. 70 (Rs. 89.38 including taxes) for Plan 199
  • 2GB at Rs. 100 (Rs. 127.69 including taxes) for Plan 299
  • 3GB at Rs. 150 (Rs. 191.54 including taxes) for Plan 499
  • 7GB at Rs. 300 (Rs. 383.07 including taxes) for Plan 799
  • 10GB at Rs. 400 (Rs. 510.76 including taxes) for Plan 999
Dial *17123# for additional data packs. Weekly Mero Plan users can buy all above mentioned packs.

If I send SMS after subscribing to this plan, what will be the rates?

For all Mero Plan Monthly, SMS within Ncell is Rs. 0.50/SMS. (Rs. 0.64 incl. taxes) and for all weekly mero plan, SMS within Ncell is Re. 1/SMS (Rs. 1.28 incl. taxes).

Once I subscribe to one of the Mero Plans, for example, Rs. 299 plan, can I switch to Rs. 499 or other plans?

Yes, you can switch to any plan whenever you like. Dial *302# and choose the plan you like.

What happens after validity of plan subscription?

After completion of validity, if you have enough balance plan will be renewed automatically for your convenience.
If you don’t have enough balance, your plan won’t be activated . So the standard rates of 2.54/min and 1.28/SMS within Ncell will be applicable. Data cannot be used unless you don’t  have any previous remaining resources. To use data you must reactivate the plan.

What if I recharge after 5 days of plan expiry?

If you recharge only after 5 days of plan expiry, plan will be on new cycle from the time of rental deduction.

Do I need additional balance to use the voice calls or is it part of the plan?

Yes, you need additional balance for voice calls.

If I switched to Mero Plan and later decide to cancel it, what will be my new plan?

After you switch to Mero Plan and cancel it, you will be switched to Sajilo tariff where you will be charged at Rs. 1.99/min (Rs. 2.54/min including taxes), Re. 1/SMS (Rs. 1.28/SMS including taxes) and Rs. 2/MB (Rs. 2.55/MB including taxes) on internet usage.

If I switched to Mero Plan, what happens to my existing data and other already bought resources?

All of your existing resources will be carried forward to Mero Plan.

Can I use YouTube data for other purposes?
YouTube data can be used for YouTube, iflix and other Google services like Google Play, Maps and so on.

How do I deactivate the plan?

If you wish to deactivate the plan, you can type D in message box and send to 302 or dial *302*7#.

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