Fuchhe Data Pack

  • What do I get in Fuchhe Data Pack?

In Fuchhe Data Pack, you will get 25MB data that can be used between 5AM-5PM.

  • How can I activate Fuchhe Data Pack?

You can activate Fuchhe Data Pack by typing 5 and sending it to 17123

  • How much does Fuchhe Data Pack cost?

The price for Fuchhe Data Pack is Rs. 5 (Rs. 6.38 including all government taxes).

  • If I buy Fuchhe Data Pack at 2PM today, should I use all the volume within 5PM today?
The validity of the pack is 24 hours which means that if you buy Fuchhe Data Pack today at 2PM, you can use it between 5AM-5PM until 2PM of next day.

  • If I buy All Time Data Pack and Fuchhe Data Pack at once, which pack will be consumed first?

For the usage between 5AM-5PM, Fuchhe Data Pack will be consumed first after which All Time Data Pack will be used.

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