Call Aayo, Paisa Paayo

Now you can get bonus of up to Rs. 20 for every international call you receive. You will get Rs. 2 bonus every minute from the 2nd minute of a call till 11th minute. That means, you will get a total of Rs. 20 bonus balance in a single call. The more call you get and the more you talk, the more bonus you get.
Who can use this service?
This service is applicable for all Ncell users. You need to activate the service for free to start receiving bonus per international call. You can activate this service for free using any of the below methods:
  • Dial 17126 or,
  • Dial *17126# or,
  • Type A and send it to 17126
How long will the bonus be valid for?
The bonus will be valid for 3 days from the day it was received on. All the bonus amount and validity dates received from various calls will be accumulated.
Is there any other prizes apart from bonus in this offer?
Apart from up to Rs. 20 bonus per call, 10 winners receiving higher number of calls and bonus and talking for longer duration will get a smartphone every week.

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