Data ko fun, Always On!

Now get data to use throughout the day at the best rate! With these packs, the data will stop once the pack is over so surf fearlessly without worrying about main balance deduction.
Dial *17123# and choose the pack of your choice! You can choose from the below two types of packs.
Pack/Validity Price excl.
Taxes (Rs.)
Price incl.
Taxes (Rs.)
All Time Data Bonus Data
(11PM – 11AM)
Total Data  
1 day 20 25.54 250MB 750MB 1000MB Buy Now
3 day 40 51.08 600MB 1800MB 2400MB Buy Now
What happens once the volume in my pack is over within the validity period?
Once the volume in your pack is over, your data service will be stopped to help avoid deduction from the main balance however bonus balance (on-net balance) will be used while using data under pay as you go rates. If you want to continue using data, you can buy another pack from *17123#. If the validity of the pack is over, standard per MB data rate will apply from balance unless you purchase another pack.
What is the validity of the bonus data?
The validity of the bonus data is same as of the pack. That means, if you purchase 3 day pack, the bonus data’s validity will also be 3 days.
Can I purchase multiple Always On packs?
Yes, you can purchase as many Always On packs or any other data packs as you wish.
What happens once the validity of the pack is over?
Once the validity of the pack is over, normal per MB data rate will apply. The packs will not be renewed automatically. You can buy another pack from *17123# to surf at best rates.

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