Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is this spam SMS?

This is a fraud SMS being sent by numbers starting with +881 and +882. If a customer receiving such message calls back, the call could result in huge charge. Fraudsters send such message in bulk to mass subscribers prompting to call back.

2. How did the spam SMS sender get my number?

Such message senders manage to get customers’ numbers as well as name from various social network platforms such as True Caller, Facebook and LinkedIn, among others.

3. Why do they send such SMS?

They send such message in bulk to huge numbers of customers asking to call back to generate artificial traffic to their numbers. If customers call back in such numbers, money as a tariff incurred flow from customers to Ncell and from Ncell to destination country receiving the call from where fraudsters take their share.

4. How can I block such spam message?

Depending upon type of handsets, customers can block numbers sending spam SMS. However; since fraudsters are finding new ways to get access to customers, it is important for customers to be aware of possible fraud and they should not call back or send message.   

5. How much balance do I lose if I call in such numbers?

It depends upon what type of numbers such fraudsters are using and from where they are using. In case of number starting with +881 and +882, calling back in these numbers could cost as high as NPR 400 and there is risk for prepaid customers to lose all main balance.
6. Does Ncell reimburse, if I happen to lose my balance?

Ncell is just an enabler of service and cannot totally control the contents of communications within its network. It is responsibility of the customers to be careful and apply discretion.

7. How to check if such message is fake or genuine?

There is high possibility of SMS being fraud message if it is sent by unknown numbers. If there is any confusion on such message, customers can call to 9005 ,Ncell contact centre.

8. Cannot Ncell itself block such SMS?

Based on the complaints, we have been blocking such numbers so as to avoid future fraud from occurring. We are barring such numbers on both reactive and proactive basis so that our customers cannot be approached by such numbers. Since customers awareness is must to stay away from these kind of fraud, we have been raising awareness through our social media channels and Ncell website, apart from raising awareness through training to our internal staffs and channel partners.

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