Ncell Scholarships and Excellence Awards - 2014

16 September 2014
In a time when high-skilled technical human resources hold key to innovations and drive knowledge based economy, help has been provided to free meritorious students from financial burden in their pursuit of academic excellence. Ncell, as part of its new Corporate Responsibility initiative, rewarded Scholarships and Excellence Awards of Rs. 8 million to 16 finest engineering students of Electronics, Electrical and Communication, and Computer faculties of Central Campus Pulchowk, Institute of Engineering. Sanju Koirala, Corporate Communications Director of Ncell, handed over the scholarships and awards, each carrying a purse of Rs 100,000 to the top of the class students.
Where Ncell Scholarships were bestowed upon 12 topper students, four other graduating with highest scores from those faculties were conferred with Ncell Excellence Awards. Scholarships were provided based on annual scores of first, second and third year and students received it for studying second, third and fourth year respectively. 12 scholarships recipients included three toppers from each Electricals, Electronics and Computer faculties and one female topper among all female students of these three faculties from each batch. Ncell Excellence Awards, on the other hand, was given to the graduates passing out with top scores from each of these faculties and also to one female student graduating with high scores among all female students of these three faculties. The company has instituted Ncell Scholarship and Excellence Awards at this campus for five years with an aim to support technological education and contribute to the development of skilled human resources.
Scholarship Recipients for 2014 is as below:

Ncell Scholarship Recipients 

S. N. Name Faculty Year
1 Ram Prasad Jnawali Electrical 1st
2 Pratik Bhandari Electronics and Communication 1st
3 Pramod Maharjan Computer 1st
4 Slesa Abhikari Female Topper among the three faculties 1st
5 Asim Chaulagain Electrical 2nd
6 Hitesh Sapkota Electronics and Communication 2nd
7 Manish Kumar Sharma Computer 2nd
8 Alisha Thapaliya Female Topper among the three faculties 2nd
9 Bikash Poudel Electrical 3rd
10 Aayush Kumar Chaudhary Electronics and Communication 3rd
11 Swapnil Sneham Computer 3rd
12 Nerisa Chitrakar Female topper among the three faculties 3rd

Ncell Excellence Awards Recipients

S. N. Name Faculty
1 Nripesh Ayer Electrical
2 Basanta Chalise Electronics and Communications
3 Jivan Nepali Computer
4 Bandana Sharma Female topper among the three faculties


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