Ncell helps flood victims

Following the torrential rain triggered landslides and flooding that ravaged scores of villages in our country; Ncell contributed a total of 201 million rupees and basic utilities to mitigate these calamity victims’ suffering. Ncell embarked on a mission to alleviate the pain of victims overwrought by disaster as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility to expedite rescue and relief in the affected areas.

In the donations made, Ncell CEO, Mr. Erim Taylanlar, handed over a cheque of 200 million rupees to the Prime Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund for the rehabilitation of needy denizens of various disaster-struck regions of the country. In order to ensure smooth communication in the affected areas, Ncell, being the leading telecom corporation, also provided bonus talk time to Sindhupalchowk’s flood and landslide affected customers.

In addition to this, Ncell Employees Trade Union (NETU) offered 1 million rupees to District Natural Disaster Relief Committee of Sindhupalchowk. Mahendra Bhattachan, the Security Director of Ncell and officials of NETU handed over the cheque, issued in the name of the union, to Chief District Officer of Sindhupalchowk, Mr. Gopal Prasad Parajuli. Moreover, NETU, as well as the individual staffs of Ncell, handed over tents, clothing and food to 200 flood-affected families of Baganaha VDC in Bardiya district through Red Cross Society and Thier Nath Kandel, Secretary of Baganaha. 

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