Cleaning Campaign in Birtamod - 2014

On the occasion of Global Hand-washing Day on October 15, Ncell implemented hand-washing and cleaning campaign in Birtamod to raise awareness on environmental issues, importance of hand washing and keeping the city clean.

The campaign was held as a part of Ncell’s corporate social responsibility initiative on environment - Sweeping Change, and organized jointly with Birata Jaycees. The event was inaugurated by Ekmani Nepal, the Chief District Officer of Birtamod and witnessed participation of more than 400 people from local communities, clubs, non-governmental organization, local bodies and government agencies.

The event went into full swing after the Chief District Officer picked up a broom and initiated the cleaning process. Collectively, the participants dressed in paper overalls distributed by Ncell picked litters, gathered garbage and swept streets from Atithi Sadan to Mukti Chowk diligently, transforming Birtamod’s streets into clean stretch of roads devoid of garbage.

Celebrity guest Nisha Adhikari along with local beauty pageants of the region picked garbage hand-in-hand with the participants to raise their morale during the event. Local municipality transported all collected litters and garbage and disposed them in proper manner.

“This event is a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. Only our joint efforts can help us maintain cleanliness in our houses, yards and city as a whole.” stressed Binam Shrestha, Ncell’s regional development unit head.

Chief District Officer Nepal urged for responsible actions from individual residents, local communities and concerned authority for keeping the locality and city clean, protecting the environment and handing over a good environment to coming generations.

“This initiative by Ncell is much appreciated. It has made us take a small, but very important first step towards fulfilling our environmental responsibilities,” said Nepal. Chairman of Birata Jaycees Vishal Thapa endorsed the idea: “We aspire to make Birtamod a Greenbelt region. This initiative is an important step towards achieving our goal.”

Participants who enthusiastically participated in the event thanked Ncell for holding the campaign. They said the event served the purpose of making people aware of the necessity of proper disposal of wastes in attaining clean surroundings and instilled in them the urgency of spreading the message of a citizen’s duty in keeping their city clean, rendering Ncell’s effort a success.


Ncell's Sweeping Campaign – 2012

05 June,2012

To mark the World Environment Day, Ncell organized a cleaning campaign on June 5, 2012. The objective was to clean up the man made debris all around us which is thoughtlessly handled. The campaign started at 6:20 AM in the morning and ended at 9:30 AM. Ncell had called for interested participants to join hands in making an endeavor to keep the city clean.
More than three thousand participants joined this initiative whom Ncell provided with cleaning outfit paper overall, masks and brooms and other cleaning material. The mass gathered in front of Ncell head office Krishna Towers; was divided into many groups which walked down the street and cleaned the premises from Krishna Towers to Maitighar Mandala, Krishna Towers to Baneshwor Chowk and TinKune.
Ncell in Partnership with green action an NGO committed for environment mobilized Local residents, schools, colleges and several youth clubs supported voluntarily to Ncell’s campaign. Armed Police force around 4 hundred in numbers joined Ncell's initiative. Kathmandu Metropolitan send around 30 people and garbage Van was making around collecting the garbage.
Kumudini Kunja School, Kalimati, Kuleshwor Avash secondary school , St. Laurent College, white house college, Janamaitri Multiple College, Trichandra College, Public Youth Campus, Redcross Nepal tourism board Participated actively on this joint effort .
Prabin Poudel general secretary of green action said it was first effort on NGO's part and was pleasure seeing such an effort for the first time. We have organized same project on Mahargunj, Kiritpur and at Nagarkot too, we would like to see greener and cleaner Nepal.

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