Corporate Social Responsibility.

Adopt a school

Ncell believes in its slogan 'With you,always' and has been contributing in various fields of the society.  Out of them, education comes top in the priority. Hence we have been involving in projects which help to increase the literacy rate and education of children. Education, we believe is the basic need of a human. However due to the lack of budget and infrastructure, several children from rural areas have been refrained from it. Ncell, from 2011 ventured to extend its help in education under the program 'Adopt a school.' Ncell has joined hands with Save the Children and adopted various schools of rural Nepal. The schools from underprivileged remote districts lacking infrastructure and education materials were in our priority list and were supported for the same. 
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Ncell Digital Libraries

Traditional teaching methodology still prevails in our country. Although some schools in urban areas have adapted to modern techniques, schools from rural areas have not been able to do so because of the financial constraint and most of them do not have a library where students can get additional knowledge than that of the course books. Those having also are not able to update and manage. Thus, Ncell has initiated to help students of such schools by establishing digital libraries. Not only were the students,  our partner for the project Help Nepal Network provided  trainings  for the teachers with orientation to use such libraries and to benefit from the perks of information technology and projects are being monitored by Save the children.

These libraries have been useful for the students to acquire extra knowledge and helped to increase the numbers of computer literacy. Schools have appreciated our efforts. Inspired by the success of our endeavor, we have continued the project in 2012 and assisted more such schools. This has also helped to control the absence and drop out ratio of the students to a larger extent.

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Scholarship for girl children

Due to poor financial status and orthodox thinking that a girl child does not need much education, deserving girl students  from rural areas do not get higher level of education. Thus, Ncell selected few girl students from Karnali Zone who had passed the SLC level and provided them with scholarship to pursue their education up to the graduation level. The students were identified by Save the Children based upon their results and financial condition. We have continued and expanded such support in 2012 as well.

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Voice against girl trafficking

 We have contributed for the self employment of women from underprivileged family. This has helped them to uplift their financial status and control the girls trafficking caused by poverty in some extent. We provided financial assistance to eight such women to set up micro enterprises based on their skills. The project was executed with the assistance of "Shakti Samuha" and is monitored by Save the children. We are determined to continue such programs in future too.

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